Hawke's Art

Modeling and Sculpting

Texturing and Lighting

Tradtional and Concept Art

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Modeling and Sculpting

These are 3D objects or levels which I have modeled or sculpted. They have been done in various programs, including Maya, zBrush, Vue, World Machine, SketchUp or an engine specific modeling engine such as UDK or Hammer.

Texturing and Lighting

Images in this section have been textured and/or lit by me. Tools I use while texturing include Photoshop, Illustrator, Substance Designer, xNormal, CrazyBump, and Maya. If I did not do the modelling, the original artist will have been credited.

Traditional and Concept art

These are additional pieces of art which are done in a more traditional medium, perhaps for communicating a concept or for reference to be developed into a 3D model.

Jeff "Hawke" Ravatt

Artist, Designer, Teacher

Kirkland, WA, USA

About me:
As a jack-of-all-trades, I work best in a setting that has need of someone capable of wearing many hats. Since I have a strong understanding of the entire pipeline I can jump in and help out at any point of that pipeline. I understand the needs of the artists ahead of me and behind me in the pipeline and I can explain to other artists what those needs are and how best to accommodate them.

My goal is to work for a game design studio that takes risks and produces innovative intellectual properties. I want to be challenged by my work and I'm not afraid to put in the extra effort required to make something great. I would like to work for a company that views employees as one of their most valuable assets, not just as disposable resources. Ideally, I'd be working in a setting that frees my creative spirit and allows for quality collaboration.

2d, 3d, marketing, game design, lighting, effects, texturing, modeling, sculpting

Thanks for checking out my portfolio, if you would like to get in touch with me please click below for my resume with my contact info.